Saturday, February 3, 2018


About the Author

Tonya Clark lives in California with her husband and two daughters. When not following her love for reading and writing she runs her hair salon and photography business along with coaching both daughters in soccer. She loves writing about women that some may look upon and see an imperfection but should only be looked upon as strong and beautiful.

Silent Burn (Sign of Love Book One) by Tonya Clark

The alarm at the fire station was a familiar sound to Travis Kendricks - after seven years as a firefighter, he knew the drill. Each call was different, but the process of responding was the same. He never imagined that tonight would be the one that changed his life.

Charliee Brooksman simply wanted a quick dinner and a night of rest, after an exhausting day teaching at a school for the deaf. But Fate wasn't about to let her catch her breath. This would be the night that took her breath away...


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